AHRMM20 tracks are developed to deliver content that is of most interest to the attendees. Sessions will be presented at Executive, Director, Manager, and Staff level.

Preference has been given to sessions that include Cost, Quality, and Outcomes (CQO) aspects and solution-based presentations on topics pertinent to one of the conference’s seven educational tracks:


Clinical Integration
Gain valuable insights into the supply chain strategies required to improve the quality of patient care and safety, while lowering total cost by integrating supply chain and clinical activities that are focused on reducing clinical variation, improving product utilization and evaluating device performance. Learn practical tools to excel in day-to-day cost management and physician collaboration strategies. This track empathizes key areas of clinical resource management and value analysis as it relates to the health care supply chain.

Logistics & Distribution
Identify the importance of the efficient flow of goods between the point of origin and the point of consumption to meet customer requirements. This includes external distribution channels and self-distribution operations. Areas of focus include: inventory management, supply utilization review, customer service planning, evaluation and reduction in waste, collaboration with supplier partners, and warehouse management systems, all of which will have a critical impact on the organization’s overall success. 

Professional Development
Realize your full potential with new skills specific to supply chain management and boost your career with the right professional development training. This track covers public speaking and presentation skills, leadership, time management, executive suite interaction, mentoring and much more. 

Strategic Planning
Health care transformation to a value-based care model has made foundational changes and challenges for supply chain. Making this transformation requires proactive and innovative overarching strategy. This track delivers strategic concepts utilizing cost, quality and outcomes to provide clear solutions to move supply chain to the forefront in health care renovation.

Strategic Sourcing
Optimize a key aspect of supply chain strategy. It is the collaborative and structured process of critically analyzing and understanding an organizations spend, and using this information to make well informed business decisions around acquiring commodities, PPI, software, services, equipment and total life cycle costs. It involves leveraging existing and exploring new technologies and standards that enable the efficient and effective flow of procure to pay transactions and analytics. This track covers automating the core principles of requisition, contract management, and accounts payable processes to drive efficiencies. 

Health IT
Stay up to speed with the latest advancements in health care technology. In today’s market, information technology (IT) is critical to every organization’s success. IT has made purchasing, replenishment automation, and data analytics leading to improved efficiencies, and e-Commerce much easier and more important than ever before. This track focuses on how the field can and will benefit from the IT evolution.

UDI Adoption
As the U.S. FDA UDI rule moves into its sixth year, health care providers can rely on more real-world evidence upon which to make sourcing decisions and more efficient procure to pay and inventory management processes, while manufacturer benefits include better customer relationships and improved operational efficiencies. But what does it take to achieve these benefits and why should providers and manufacturers care? Join us to learn how organizations are leveraging and benefiting from UDI adoption, how the AHRMM Learning UDI Community is making a difference, and the realized value across the supply chain and care continuums when we all move beyond compliance. 

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